PR9268/203-100 vibration pickup EPRO

PR9268/203-100 vibration pickup EPRO

Manufacturers :EPRO
Model(s)  :PR9268/203-100
Additional Information :vibration pickup
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Dimensions: 263 × 58 × 28mm
Weight:.4.3 kg
Country of Origin: United States of America


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Essential details:PR9268/203-100 vibration pickup EPRO

Products Description

Eddy current sensors are widely used in various industrial fields and laboratories. It has the advantages of small size, high reliability and non-contact measurement. It is suitable for all kinds of turbo machinery and can measure physical quantities such as shaft vibration and shaft displacement.
epro offers a wide range of eddy-current sensors for a variety of measurement solutions. The following physical quantities can be measured:
Vibration and eccentricity of the gap shaft between the rotating part and the fixed part
Radial and axial displacement of the shaft bearing wear
The thickness of the film
Relative heat of shaft and bearing: heat of expansion bearing: expansion
Valve position
Sensors are manufactured and used in accordance with various international standards, such as API 670, DIN 45670 and ISO 10817-1.
In addition to the safety grid, sensors and precursors can also work in the need of explosion-proof environment, in accordance with the relevant European standards; Quasi-en 50014/50020.
Working principle:
The eddy current sensor forms an oscillator with the preprocessor, and the amplitude decays as the sensor probe is close to the object being measured. The amplitude of the attenuation is proportional to the distance between the sensor and the object being measured.
The sensor and preprocessor have been linearly calibrated using 42CrMo4 calibration material before delivery. Therefore, no further calibration is required during installation. The user only needs to adjust the air gap between the sensor and the measuring surface until the desired signal is obtained from the output of the preprocessor.
Sensor model:
epro offers eddy current sensors in a variety of models and configurations to meet various measurement and environmental requirements. Sensor with mounting thread or rectangular mounting flange.
The measuring range is 1mm to 20mm.
Thread sizes are →6mm.10mm and →18mm metric or inch threads. Depending on the model, the sensor has the following options:
Different thread lengths;
The end of the cable can choose self-locking waterproof connector or bare wire mode; Cables can be armored or unarmored;
1 m cable pay office can be selected with or without connection; Applicable temperature :-35°C-+380°C.


The sensors are operated above the resonance frequency, which is 4,5 Hz. The seismic mass remains at rest and due to the vibration of the sensor housing, an electric signal proportional to the vibration velocity is generated. The sensors are dynamic sensors with the measuring coil as part of the seismic element, moving in the field of the permanent magnet.
Damping of the measuring elements is realized by damping cylinders resp. by external wiring and set to a value of approx. 0.6, resulting in a very linear characteristic over the entire frequency range.
Measurements below the resonance frequency can be made with corresponding corrections of the amplitude responses. In case of too high vibration amplitudes, mechanical limit stops reduce the maximum amplitude of the seismic systems.
The transducers PR9268/20x-100-RAD are designed for vertical and PR9268/30x-100-RAD for horizontal operation.

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