CC-TDOB01 51308371-175  Digital Output Module

CC-TDOB01 51308371-175  Digital Output Module

  • Manufacturer : Honeywell
  • Product No. : CC-TDOB01
  • Product type : Digital Output Module
  • Digital output module backplane
  • Shipping weight : 3 Kg
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Essential details:CC-TDOB01 51308371-175  Digital Output Module

When a short occurs in the field, the following occurs:
• the output circuits sense the over-current condition and shut down the output
• the shut down of the point places the mode of the point into Manual
• an Over-current Soft Failure is generated
This failure is maintained until the short circuit condition is repaired and the point is again supplying the proper current.
Only one channel is affected at a time. If multiple channels are affected, they are individually shut down. Any channels that do not have a short circuit condition are unaffected.
• Thermal protection alarm if short in field of > 0.5A.


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CC-TDOB01 51308371-175  Digital Output Module

A High Level Analog Input Module supports both high level analog and HART inputs. Analog inputs are typically 4- 20mA DC for both traditional and HART devices. HART data can be used for status and configuration. HART data, such as the secondary and tertiary variables, can also be used as process control variables.

• Input Output Termination Assembly (IOTA): An assembly that holds the IOM and the connections for field wiring,
• Input Output Module (IOM): A device that contains most of the electronics required to perform a specific I/O function. The IOM plugs onto the IOTA.

All Series C components feature an innovative design that supports enhanced heat management. This unique look provides a significant reduction in overall size for the equivalent function.

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