C200/10/1/1/1/00 SERVO DRIVE ELAU

C200/10/1/1/1/00 SERVO DRIVE ELAU

Manufacturers :ELAU
Model(s)  :C200/10/1/1/1/00
Additional Information :SERVO DRIVE
Estimated Shipping Size
Dimensions: 263 × 58 × 28mm
Weight:.4.3 kg
Country of Origin: United States of America

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Essential details:C200/10/1/1/1/00 SERVO DRIVE ELAU

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology, the terminal equipment of the Internet of Things is also widely used in various scenarios, different application scenarios have different market demands. Now there are various wireless communication modules on the market, resulting in many users unable to correctly distinguish various types of wireless modules. Today, Xiaobian will explain several common types of wireless communication modules. The techniques and differences they use.

1. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless communication module. It is a wireless technology standard that can realize short distance data exchange between fixed terminal devices, mobile terminal devices and personal LAN. It uses radio wave ISM in the band 2.4 to 2.485GHZUHF.

Bluetooth wireless technology is highly complex, the device networking speed is fast, only 10 seconds; High integration and reliability; The transmission rate is generally 1Mbps; Low cost and relatively simple installation. This is a near field wireless communication technology.


Wi-Fi wireless technology has been ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. It is the most common wireless communication technology that we come into contact with every day, bringing great convenience to our lives. It is a wireless LAN technology based on IEEE802.11 standard. This technology converts all wired network signals into radio wave signals, and other terminal devices connect to wifi through wireless communication modules to realize wireless network communication.

Generally, the coverage range of Wi-Fi technology is less than 100 meters, and the technology is relatively complex. The transmission rate can reach 54Mbps, the working frequency band is 2.4GHz, and the transmission power is less than 100mW. Compared with Bluetooth wireless communication, the data security performance is relatively poor. However, the invention of WiFi is very in line with the needs of modern people and society, and the development prospect is very broad.



ZigBee wireless communication technology is a low power LAN protocol based on IEEE802.15.4 standard. It was officially established in August 2001. At the beginning, due to the release of this version in a hurry, there were some mistakes, and since then it has been improved.

ZigBee wireless communication technology is similar to Bluetooth wireless communication technology. Both of them are short-range wireless communication technologies, but Bluetooth wireless communication technology has high power consumption, high complexity, short communication distance and other shortcomings, limited application range, widely used in the family and personal range. ZigBee technology is developed to meet the needs of industrial automation, with simple layout, anti-interference, reliable transmission, easy to use, low cost. Communication distance is extended to 10 meters. From the opening distance to several hundred meters, it can reach about 50 meters in indoor scenes.

4. Digital radio

Digital transmission station is a high performance professional data station realized by DSP digital signal processing technology and software wireless point technology. Digital radio can be understood as a communication medium. Like fiber optics and microwaves, it has its uses. Digital radio transmission distance is very long, suitable for all kinds of complex environment. The transmission rate is 19.2Kbps, but the terminal equipment is expensive, the use cost is high, and the installation is complicated.

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